Our Food

DELICA is delighted to introduce our distinctively delicious Japanese cuisine, which is born from a Japanese sensibility merged with California vitality. DELICA comes to California eager to learn from and contribute to the thriving food community in the Bay Area. With a Japanese appreciation for food, life, and the environment, DELICA is dedicated to serving wholesome food that combines Japanese style and flavor with the freshest, hightest quality ingredients. We not only support local growers, but deliberately source seasonal, non-GMO, organic, and sustainably grown produce. Weapply the same mindset to selecting all other ingrediences, and only use "naturally raised" meats and seafood without added hormones or antibiotices, as well as "wild harvested" fish whenever ti is available. Because of our philosophy, our Menu is subject to change throughout the year.

Our History

The precursor of DELICA IWATA California is the Rock Field Compay in Kobe, Japan. The founder, Mr. Kozo Iwata, brought traditional, European-style delicatessens to Japan over thirty years ago and in the process introduced an innovative idea. Over time, the company begin selling Sozai, a Japanese meal concept characterized by many small dishes, which introduced a way of eating that is balanced and healty. In 2004, the Rock Field Company opened a Japanese style delicatessen - DELICA rf-1 - in San Francisco's historic Ferry Building. Since 2009, the restaurant has been owned and managed by Yasuhiro Iwata.